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Just found out my parents are going to run in the marine marathon! I wasn’t too surprised since they run/bike almost everyday. They are more active than me 😓 Haha I’m so proud of them. Maybe one day I can start to think of running more than a few miles Lol

After my mom let me know the exciting news, she proceeded to talk about her bucket list..

Mom: Running in a marathon is on my bucket list. Oh and u know that thing where you jump off the plane?

Me: Skydiving?

Mom: Yea! No, no that’s not on my bucket list. Nope and neither is bungee jumping.

Lol moms say the darnedest things

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some folks are so damn nosy. ugh…if i don’t feel comfortable with u, plz don’t expect me to share my life story with u..damn #its #nunya #biznaz